FUUN hosts a reunion of Atlantic Institute guests

On March 2, FUUN provided meeting space for a reunion of people who had visited Turkey as guests of the Atlantic Institute, formerly the Society of Universal Dialogue. The Rev. Gail Seavey and her husband Jim spent 10 days there in 2009, when Turkey was a much calmer place.

Atlantic Institute is an association of Turkish Americans who follow the teachings of the Imam-Philosopher Fetulah Gűlan, currently in dis-favor in Turkey due to political opposition to the ruling party. President Erdogan has closed Gűlanist universities and jailed thousands of journalists, professors, physicians, teachers and other professionals, including one dear friend, Aguz, whom we can only presume is in jail because no one has heard from him or his family (his wife worked for the Gűlanist TV station). Ever with optimism, Atlantic Institute is offering tours of places in the world where Gűlan institutions are still open, including South Africa and Thailand. Pictured presenting the evenings program, which included a delicious dinner, is our friend Davut.

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