Bereavement Notice and Memorial Service for Ann Green

Ann Green 
May 22, 1937 – May 6, 2017 
Longtime member Ann Green died on Saturday evening after a long illness.  She was a member for many years, serving the church and the UUA in a variety of ways including as treasurer and book-keeper. Our condolences to her children Allen, Allyson and Andrew, her grandchildren and her great grandchild.Her memorial service will be held at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville on Wednesday, May 17 at Noon. Please note the above date has been corrected from the date listed in the weekly email.

1 thought on “Bereavement Notice and Memorial Service for Ann Green

  1. Aunt Tee was beloved of our large family. She was a wonderful friend, daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother and Aunt. I grew up going to her house and playing with my cousins and I always adored her. In recent years we were friends and she was a rock for my family. She was always there for us and helped in so many ways w the care of her older sister, my mother, and her Alzheimer’s . She supported us in thought word and deed. She loved us each with all our flaws and we will miss her so much. My children, my niece and nephews will also miss our Aunt Tee. I personally will miss our conversations, texts and visits, her encouragement and support of me all my life, and especially in recent years when she seemed to be the only one. I loved her dearly and always will. She will always be a part of me and I will never forget her. I am certain she is sorting things out in heaven . And she will be missed on this earth. Rest in Peace Aunt Tee, until we meet again.

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