Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the church’s major financial and operational decisions.

2017-18 Board Members
Front row (pictured left to right): John McIntosh, Vicky Tataryn, Lori Kersey, Bob Day, Phyllis Salter, Jeff Stein, Margy May, and Chris Wood
Back row: Melinda Fish, Chelsea Henry, Kim Hackett, and Barbara Snook


  • Jeff Stein     Message from the President
  • Kim Hackett, Vice President/President-Elect
  • Melinda Fish, Secretary
  • John McIntosh, Treasurer
  • Jean Kline, Program Council Chair
  • Bob Day, Resource and Development Council Chair (acting)
  • Chris Wood, Operations Council Chair
  • Chelsea Henry, Ministerial Council Chair


At-Large Board Directors

  • Barb Snook
  • Margy May
  • Phyllis Salter
  • Lori Kersey


Ex Officio


Board Councils and Committees

Committee members keep the church and its programs going. We welcome those who would like to give their time and creativity to these efforts. Committee members not only form friendships, but they also put the beliefs of the church and its members into action.  Click here for the list of the Councils and their Committees, or see the top menu.


See members’ area for Board meeting minutes, documents, reports, and resources.


Board Related Documents:

Annual Reports


FUUN Leadership History

Organization Chart (Revised Aug. 2016)

Policies and Procedures

Strategic Plan



Board 2016-2017

2016-17 Board

pictured left to right: Row 1: Vicky Tataryn, Liz Schneider, Margy May, Meghann Robern.

Row 2: Candy toler, Christopher Cotton

Row 3: Melinda Fish, Tom Surface, Jeff Stein, Bob Day, Chris Wood and John McIntosh