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Getting the Word Out: Submit an Announcement

  • Committee Chairs, Board Members, and Staff may fill out the following form to submit an announcement, an event, or news to the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville. You will receive an automatic reply, but please be sure to follow up if you haven't heard back within a few days. If you have not seen your submission advertised, please email
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    --Due to the process, pulpit announcement requests must be submitted separately from other announcements, no more than two weeks before the service to which you would like them to be read. [i.e., none of the boxes on the field above may be selected if this one is.] --Pulpit announcements are limited to day of ("sign-up today" or "attend an event today," for ex) and special circumstances (special last minute appeal). --Pulpit announcement requests are not guaranteed to be read as announcements must be approved for inclusion in a worship service before being read. They are submitted here for review only. This is because we have a weekly bulletin, newsletter, TV monitor slides and a weekly email which are methods for distributing announcements.
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  • Please include: who, what, when, where, and why whenever possible. Also, if your event is at FUUN, please be sure you have reserved the room with our office administrator before advertising.
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