We are connected: Midweek Minister’s Message May 9, 2017

“We are connected, even when we feel so far apart.”  from ‘Universalist Abraxas’ liturgy

I was a school teacher and then a parent in a town of about 20,000 people.  I frequently took the bus and would talk to people I did not know.  It would never take us long to find people we did know in common.  Most of the time there was but one degree of separation – or connecting people between us.  It used to be said that all people in the world were connected by seven degrees of separation.  Recently I heard that as we become more digitally connected, that seven degrees has shrunk down to five.

It was by such connections that I started going to a Unitarian Universalist Church.  I was at a cocktail party when a person of my parent’s generation introduced himself to me, Louis Molina.  He said that he had been a good friend of my late father-in-law.  I was delighted to hear stories about my father-in-law because he had died long before I met that family.  In the middle of the conversation, Louis stopped his stories, looked me in the eye and said, “You would like my church.  It’s the Universalist Church across from the library.  Have you ever been?”

At the time I was not interested in going to church, but several years later the intuition that I would like to find a church different than the one I grew up in came to me.  As soon as it did, I knew where to go.  Louis’s church.

We live in a bigger city, but many of you tell stories of your relationships that lead you to this church.  It may have been a chance encounter with a stranger or a vague reference from an acquaintance that you sounded an awful lot like a Unitarian Universalist.  It may be that you had an intuition that you needed more connection and remembered that your grandparents or a friend from school were Unitarian.   It is by such relationships, sometimes ones that are at one, two or five degrees of separation that networks of relationship are formed.  So I wonder, what human encounters lead you to read this letter today?  Who are your people – what are your networks?   How far out do they reach?  Maybe throughout the whole world.

With faith and love,

 Rev. Gail

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