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Opportunities for Volunteer Service at FUUN

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 Adult Religious Education (ARE)

The committee, working with the Director of Lifespan Religious Education, offers classes to support faith development on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings. Committee members plan the schedule, support those offering classes, facilitate classes themselves, and seek out people to offer classes. A wide variety of people, both within and outside of FUUN, offer classes based on their interests and expertise, sometimes using their own materials, and sometimes using existing curricula. Marguerite Mills


Beloved Community

Engages in a larger conversation about how to bring a multicultural lens to everything we do at FUUN, in the hope that such a discussion can broaden the culture of our church to one that fully respects, and seeks to engage with, many different perspectives, and views all people as blessings.


Children’s RE Committee (CRE)
The committee, working with the Director of Lifespan Religious Education, plans and supports Sunday school classes, special events, Our Whole Lives (OWL) for four age groups, and Coming of Age (COA). A major function of the committee is to support the volunteers, who may serve as teachers, teacher assistants, playground volunteers, COA mentors, OWL facilitators, and with various one time efforts (e.g. the Easter Egg Hunt). Marguerite Mills; CRE Co-chairs


Committee for the Larger Faith

Works with the UUA and with  other congregations on many projects, including preparing for and following up from General Assembly, supporting social justice study and actions, assisting justice actions abroad, and multiple other activities. Organization and communication skills are important, along with an interest in learning about UUA activities and writing articles for the newsletter.



Creates fun ways to socialize, such as Wednesday Night Dinners, Dinner for Nine, church picnic, and assisting other committees in putting on church events. Members should enjoy people and parties.



The Greeter Coordinator of the Membership Committee oversees and coordinates Sunday morning Greeters, who greet members and guests, distribute the Orders of Service, act as ushers, and provide coffee/tea for the social hours after services. Greeters serve one service per month.


Mountain Committee

Raises and distributes money for FUUN camperships by selling food at the food table during coffee hour. The MC also assists in publicizing Mountain events through the newsletter.


Youth/Adult Committee (YAC)

The YAC is made up of four youth and two adults (plus the Religious Education Administrator) who plan all youth group activities. Additionally, adults serve as youth advisors during youth group meetings, on trips, and/or for special events. Jonah Eller-Isaacs,


Social Justice

Reviews applications for Action Teams, decides on their suitability and sustainability, oversees their work throughout the year and assists with communications, training and financial support.  Reviews applications and designates monthly Share the Plate recipients. An interest in a broad range of justice efforts and patience with “process work” are desirable. Be prepared to serve as a Social Justice Committee liaison to an action team and/or another church committee.  Those preferring more “hands-on” work should consider one of the Action Teams listed below.

Social Justice Action Teams


Habitat for Humanity

Participates in an interdenominational building project to provide opportunities for people to purchase and own quality, affordable homes. Members can assist in skilled or unskilled jobs on a build, or help with meals, child care, or landscaping. Puts on a major fundraising event each February, involving cooking and serving a dinner, setting up a silent art auction, and planning entertainment. Whatever your skills, we can use them!


Room in the Inn

Feeds and shelters eight homeless men twice monthly, between November and March. Volunteers can help in any of several ways, cooking and serving food, giving rides, staying overnight, doing laundry, and more. Commitments can be for one or many times.



Participates in such community events as Gay Pride and the AIDS walk, lobbys against unfriendly proposed legislation, explores other ways to support the LGBT community, and sets up social functions to build relationships and have a good time in the process. Meets monthly.  “Allies” are welcome too!


NOAH (Nashville Organized for Action and Hope)

An interfaith, multiracial coalition of congregations and community organizations working to build a powerful social justice movement in Nashville. Current focus issues are 1) economic equity, jobs and workers’ rights; 2) criminal justice, mass incarceration, & gun violence; and 3) gentrification & affordable housing.


Palmer Lecture Series

Honors the legacy of our first called minister, Rev. Robert C. Palmer, by offering an annual lecture on human rights issues with speakers of recognized stature and appeal to a wide audience in the Greater Nashville area. Members should have an interest in the issue of human rights and an interest in sustaining and supporting the legacy of the church’s involvement in the struggle for human rights.


Safe Haven

Prepares and serves dinner at Nashville’s only family shelter. This is a great family activity, but is rewarding for anyone. Commitment can be for one or more evenings.


Safety Net

Safety Net is an action team of Social Justice. We work in positives way to effect change in the policies and attitudes surrounding clergy sexual misconduct in Unitarian Universalism. It is helpful for members to have experience in clergy sexual misconduct, domestic violence, or sexual abuse. Safety Net members need to be emotionally and socially mature. In addition, over the next few months we need help with videography and audio-visual editing in an adjunct capacity.



Board of Directors

Sets policy; establishes, institutes & supports congregation’s mission and purpose; serves as fiscal agents; ensures adequate resources & manages them; conducts periodic assessments & evaluations; conducts organizational planning. Identifies, develops & monitors the congregational programs & services. Serves as final arbitrator in conflicts; participates in the evaluation of the minister. Meets monthly and stays in close communication throughout the year. Positions are elected for 2 or 3 year terms.


Endowment Trust

Oversees the investment of all funds received from gifts and bequests of members and friends of the Church.  Supports the work of our Long Range Plan (linked on the website for the Trust); publicizes, choses and distributes funds for grants (also listed on the webpage); takes steps to grow the Endowment through education and outreach to Church members.


Nominating Committee

Identifies, recruits and nominates people to serve in leadership roles at the church. This work includes filling vacant leadership positions year round and preparing a slate of nominees for the church-wide election in June. Nominating Committee members should know or be willing to get to know a wide array of members across the various demographics that comprise our church, be capable of objectively assessing others’ strengths and weaknesses, and be comfortable discussing sometimes delicate matters and keeping committee work confidential.

Lead Minister’s Advisory Committee 

The Lead Minister’s Advisory Committee is elected by the Congregation to meet with Rev. Seavey to promote effective ministry, address concerns any congregant has about the ministry of the church, and is available to Rev. Seavey for job related counsel and support. The five members of LMAC meet on a monthly basis and meet with the Associate Minister for Music Advisory Committee at least twice a year, forming the Committee on Ministry. Other meetings can be scheduled should the need arise.

Associate Minister of Music’s Advisory Committee

Works closely with the associate minister of music to promote effective ministry, to provide feedback to the associate minister and address any concerns any congregant has about a minister or the ministry of our church.  The committee provides job-related counsel and support and confidentiality is a must.  We meet one evening per month, and occasionally have a joint meeting with the Lead Minister’s Advisory Committee.

Safe Congregation Panel

Enforces the Honoring the Children Policy; investigates and makes decisions when a formal grievance is filed.  The SCP is elected by the congregation for a two-year term.  SCP meets a minimum of every six months, although when a concern arises, members may be asked to meet several times with little notice.  We look for individuals with experience with non-violent communication, mediation, or restorative justice.  We also attempt to include individuals with different perspectives to balance the priority of protecting vulnerable populations with ensuring a fair process for individuals accused of wrong-doing.


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee keeps up with the on-going financial situation of the church and proposes a draft budget to the Board, in the spring for the regular budget and occasionally in the fall, if we see that a mid-year revision is needed. To be on the committee, you don’t need to know finances or economics or spreadsheets, though those won’t hurt. You do need some curiosity about the church’s financial situation and a willingness to try to keep up with it and help provide some advice or opinions for when things get out of whack or need some tinkering.



The committee finds chairs for major annual church fundraiser (April Herb Fair, the Dec Craft Fair, Nov Auction). Oversees and supports these efforts with information from prior years, getting them on the calendar one year ahead of time, and reporting back to the Finance Committee on them. Also, oversees the weekly social room food table. Other fundraisers include the Kroger Plus card program, and the Good Store.


Leadership Development

Provides a wide variety of learning opportunities in the area of leadership development for FUUN, including orientation classes and weekend retreats; informs the congregation of leadership tools and opportunities; and works with the Nominating Committee to identify and promote leaders. Members should have extensive leadership experience.


Membership Committee

Helps create a welcoming atmosphere at FUUN for newcomers by hosting a number of events each year, such as New Member Classes and Meet the Minister Luncheons; which involve shopping and preparing food. Planning meetings take place monthly. Committee members are typically motivated by gratitude for the warm welcome they received when new to the FUUN community and wish to extend that warmth to others.



The committee oversees the update of job descriptions, Personnel Manual, staff salaries, and evaluations. Recruits staff in conjunction with the appropriate Committee or staff; ensures that staff and nursery workers are hired in a timely manner. An understanding of employment issues and some management or personnel experience are desirable.



The Stewardship Committee raises awareness of members and friends of the need for their commitment of time and financial support throughout the year to the on-going efforts of FUUN to achieve its vision, mission, and covenant. The effort includes coordination of the annual pledge drive to support the operating needs of the church.




Campus Preparedness Committee

This Committee assesses and monitors campus issues related to the physical safety of the FUUN community. The committee is currently deep in discernment and re-thinking their strategies, so members are needed who appreciate the concrete, tangible, result-oriented work of assessing and assembling a body of safe practices. Following this, the work will be to monitor and prepare for potential incidents or disaster scenarios.



The Communications Committee maintains the Church website and social media presence, and is responsible for editing the monthly newsletter, weekly Bulletin and weekly email, and social media with content provided by FUUN staff and other committees.


Facilities Management

Facilities Committee is composed of people who like to fix things around the church and also assess problems and work with Church Office Administrator and Custodian to get professional repair people when necessary.  We also have a couple of special project days through the year for deep cleaning areas that the Custodian does not have time for, and to do minor fix up projects that do not require a lot of expertise.


Grounds Management

Maintains and improves the function and appearance of the grounds at the church, including the playground, paths, smoking areas, and parking lots.  We do not have formal meetings, but rather have work sessions each week – usually on Friday or Saturday morning. We try to match work to people’s abilities. People who have learned specific tasks well can pursue them on their own time frame.





Caring Committee

The Caring Committee provides certain forms of physical assistance when a member or friend is in need, such as delivering a meal, giving a ride to a medical appointment, and checking in with people by phone, email and cards, visits to members in the hospital. This is gratifying work for caring people. The committee also arranges receptions for Memorial Services for members of the church.



FUUN has a commitment to excellence in the choral arts. The choirs sing from a broad repertoire of classics and contemporary pieces, everything from Thomas Tallis to Shape-Note songs, from Bach to Blues, from jazz standards to the avant garde. The Adult Choir rehearses on Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:30 (childcare is provided). The choir sings twice a month in both Sunday services; sings for two annual Music Sundays and a variety of special projects in the community. The Children’s Choir rehearses on Sunday mornings from 10:15-10:45. This choir sings roughly once a month, and is open to all singers in 1st-12th grades. The Chamber Choir rehearses on the last Tuesday of each month, and sings the first Sunday of each month. This is an auditioned, a cappella ensemble of 16-20 singers, and carries a high expectation of individual preparation prior to each month’s rehearsal. Jason Shelton


Chalice Fire (Formerly Sanctuary of Light Ministry)

This committee provides a safe setting for public religious rites, education and healing service (Celebrations of the Wheel of the Year, full Moon celebrations, monthly drum circle, and community service). Open to all who are interested in exploring and celebrating earth-centered paths.


Choir Council

Meets quarterly to provide accountability and collaboration between music director and choir; helps to resolve any issues that arise. Members are selected from each section of the choir: soprano, alto, tenor and bass, for 1-year terms.


Covenant Groups Ministry
Covenant Groups are part of the small group ministry of the church.  Six to twelve members and friends agree to meet twice a month to discuss topics of spiritual interest, deepening relationships and enriching lives .  Groups meet at different times on different days and each meeting is about 2 hours; the group is facilitated by lay members who are supervised by Rev. Seavey. The Covenant Facilitators group meet once a month with Rev. Seavey to share group status, process any concerns and also discuss our own spiritual topics.


Lay Ministers Ministry

Lay Ministers provide pastoral care to congregation members who are experiencing serious illness, suffering a loss or dealing with life changes.  They provide supportive listening and keep members and friends connected to the larger congregation, and help connect people with services that they might need. The ARE class “How Can I Help” is a prerequisite to becoming a lay minister.


Non-Violent Communication Ministry

This committee brings NVC tools and consciousness to our work in the church.  After some initial exposure, people can deepen their awareness of living in a more compassionate mode through participating in one of the three practice groups, which meet three hours a month, and studying the materials provided.  More extensive training may be available at times either at the church or in the broader community.  Anyone is welcome who wants to learn or enhance skills of empathy and compassionate connection with others.


Prison UU Worship Ministry

In conjunction with inmate-FUUN members, this committee facilitates a full UU service once a month at Riverbend Prison. Meet monthly at church to plan these services and much communication by email. Several members only attend the services at the prison. The most important aspect of the ministry is to introduce the men to UU values. We spend some time both before and after the service visiting and sharing with the men. A loving heart and willingness to share are all that is required to participate!


Sanctuary of Light Prison Ministry

This committee provides a safe setting for healing service. Open to all who are interested in exploring and celebrating earth-centered paths. Prison Ministry services, celebrations, & teaching are open to those interested with several levels of participation.


Worship Committee

Meets every other month (6 times a year) and works with our ministers regarding practical aspects of our worship, i.e., arranging for guest speakers (especially for the summer), dealing with “effectiveness” issues surrounding our services, setting dates for emphases and coordinating these emphases with RE and other entities.


Worship Associates

Meet every other month. To be an associate, you must complete training with Gail and Jason, which is offered each spring.  The associates meet to brainstorm about our monthly themes and to offer worship leadership for these services, usually working with a particular service about once per quarter.


Young Adult Ministry

The young adults group seeks to connect young adults in the congregation to each other.  We do this by finding young adults who visit the congregation and getting them together for lunch after the second service on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month.


Men’s Group

The Men’s Group started in 1991 as an opportunity to get together and talk about “men’s issues.” It evolved over time and until recently, we met on the first, third and fifth Sundays of the month from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm to have beer and pizza and share what is going on in our lives.  No specific topics for discussion. In September we embarked on an examination of the program.  Current status is that we meet first and third Sundays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  Food and drink are BYO.  We plan to have a topic presented by one of the members.  It is still evolving.  It is open to all men in the congregation, and guests from outside are also welcome.


Office Assistants

Office volunteers are essential to the daily operations of FUUN’s Administrative Office. Volunteers assist in a variety daily operational tasks and with ongoing special projects that fit the interest and skill of the volunteer.  Volunteers may work on a set schedule or periodically.  Mary Lindsay