Photos of counter-demonstration by Bill Lund

Ten members and friends went to the Shelbyville counter-demonstration on Oct. 28 to stand for the majority of Tennesseans who are not fascists or white supremacists, as the “white lives matter” demonstrators described themselves. (I don’t know how many of us went to Murfreesboro, at least three of you.) I went to Shelbyville to show that even though I live in a white supremacist culture, I know that most of us are not white supremacists. Most of us value living in a diverse society and work very hard to live according to our shared value that all humans have inherent dignity and worth. Most of us do whatever work we can to dismantle institutional white supremacy which hurts all of us.

Bill Lund, a farmer and a photographer, went to both counter-demonstrations and shared the pictures in the link below with us. I feel that he caught the spirit of the day and am grateful that he has shared his vision. Thank you, Bill.

Click here for Shelbyville photos

Click here for Murfreesboro photos

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