Worship Service Topics, 9 and 11 a.m.

Our Sunday morning Worship Services start at 9 and 11 a.m., beginning with Morning Song.

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Sunday Worship

Our February topics are Love/Compassion/Sexuality/Intimacy

February 4:  “Draw the Circle Wide” 
Intern Minister Sara Green
So many of the stories we hear and the images we see champion a strong sense of scarcity, and reward us for hoarding our material resources, love and capacity to care for one another. But what happens when we exhale? What happens when we rest into the idea that we can have multiple caring relationships with different experiences of intimacy? On this Sunday, we’ll map out a world where we practice deep intimacy in our friendships and draw the circle wide.

February 11:  “The Healing Power of Sound”
Rev. Gail Seavey and Worship Associate Chelsea Henry
Sound has a direct effect on our bodies and emotions. As a physical vibration that moves through our entire body, it can connect us with ourselves and others in surprisingly intimate ways. Music Director Jaie Teifenbrunn, the Choir and a special guest will assist us in creating a healing space with sound.

Many Possible Futures:  Identity Task Force Community Conversation, after the first service – 10:30 a.m.-noon, Fireside Room

February 18“Four Steps to ‘Good’ Sex”
Rev. Gail Seavey and Worship Associate Steve Haruch  
I haven’t preached on sexual ethics here since 2006. The basics four basics still hold up: 1. Physical safety and alignment, 2. Limit activity to peers, 3. Authentic consent, and 4. Faithful to promises — but the sexual situations and ethical dilemmas seem to have changed. It is time to examine this topic through a more immediate lens.

February 25:  Youth Sunday – “Love, Intersected”
We give the final Sunday of February to FUUN’s Youth Group for their annual youth-led service. This is a chance for our youth to share their stories, beliefs and talents with the congregation, and for the congregation to be in deeper relationship with the youth. This year, our 9th-12th Graders (or home-school equivalent) will discuss the impact of societal constructs and expectations around gender, attraction, and love. The Youth Group will share their words and music (with some help from FUUN’s Adult Choir) as they examine the power of language, and how the words we use to describe gender and romantic orientations can embrace and empower—or belittle, deny and oppress. Please join us for this annual celebration of our youth!

Many Possible Futures:  Identity Task Force Community Conversation:  after the second service – 12:30-2 p.m., Fireside Room.


From September to May, we have a robust Sunday School Program for Children (PreK through 8th grade) and Youth Group meets from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Children’s Religious Education Schedule:

CLASS PreK K-1st 2nd-3rd 4th-5th 6th-8th
CURRICULUM Celebrating Me and My World World of Wonder Love Will Guide Us Sing to the Power Amazing Grace
TEACHERS Suzanne LeBeau & Mary Shelton Carolyn Reed & Jessica Young Eileen Finan & Dan Hiller Jacob Hathaway, Sharon Ruiz & Ed Turnley Lynne Cushing, Bethany Rittle Johnson & Kristen Sunderlin
wk # 4 28-Jan My World – Fish/Water Joy in Nature: Animal Play Love for All Creatures The Power of Passion Right and Wrong Together
wk # 1 4-Feb My World Has Birds Bible Story Bible Story Bible Story Bible Story
wk # 2 11-Feb I Can Love Kindness in Nature Love and Gratitude The Power of Action Rules, Rules, Rules
wk # 3 18-Feb My World Has Air Beauty in Nature From Anger to Kindness The Power of Reaching Out Human And Divine
wk # 4 25-Feb ~~~~~~~~~  Youth Sunday Multigenerational Worship Service  ~~~~~~~~~

Childcare is available in the Nursery for infants and Pre-K during the 9 a.m. service and for children up to 10 years old starting at 10:30 a.m. Click here to meet our childcare team.See also Sunday Services Visitor Information


Youth FUUN
First-time visitors and long-time friends alike, all youth in 9th–12th grades are invited to Youth Group on Sundays, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Join us in the Sanctuary for the beginning of the 11 a.m. worship service – we sit together at the back of the short section next to the piano and leave for programs in the Youth Room after the Story for All Ages. The Youth Room is on the lower level of the church administrative offices in Norris House next to the lower parking lot, accessible via Stokesmont Rd.

 Youth Programs
Jan. 28 – Youth Sunday planning session
Feb. 4 – Game Day! Board games, card games, etc. Bring a favorite!
Feb. 11 – Youth Sunday planning session
Feb. 18 – Youth Sunday planning session
Feb. 25 – Youth Sunday*
Jonah Eller-Isaacs
Religious Education Coordinator


If you have questions or concerns about RE for children and youth, or if you are rising 6th grade and above and would like to help, contact:

Marguerite Mills, Director of Lifespan Religious Education
615-383-5760 ext. 304

Jonah Eller-Isaacs, Religious Education Coordinator
615-383-5760 ext. 315



Upcoming Worship Themes:
Brokenness/Shame/Pain-March 2018
Transformation/Change/Growth-April 2018
Transcendence/Harmony-May 2018

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