Endowment Trust (Memorials and Tributes)

The FUUN Endowment Trust

The First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville is fortunate to have an endowment. Its purpose is to ensure that the church and Unitarian Universalism remain vital and alive in Nashville and Middle Tennessee for many generations to come. It was started in 1984 by farsighted members of the congregation to accept bequests and other gifts made upon death, and gifts made in memory of or to honor our loved ones. The value of this fund currently exceeds $232,000.

The FUUN Endowment Trust is completely separate from the operating funds and capital reserve funds used to carry out the day-to-day operations of the church. It is managed under its own set of trust-bylaws by independent trustees elected by the congregation. The trustees are responsible for managing and investing the funds donated to the FUUN Endowment Trust, educating the congregation about the endowment, seeking ways to grow the endowment through gifts and bequests, and making annual distributions in the form of grants.

Pictured: Susan Warner, Ann B. Morse, Carol McIntosh, Allison Thompson, Kathy Sowell

The current trustees are:

  • Susan Warner – Chair
  • Allison Thompson – Treasurer
  • Ann Morse – Communication Liaison
  • Carol McIntosh – Recording Secretary
  • Kathy Sowell – Corresponding Secretary

To Contact the Trustees

Feel free to contact the FUUN Endowment Trust at trust@firstuunashville.org with any questions.


The “Endowment Trust” meets monthly, the first Wednesday of the month, 6:30-8 p.m. We are unable to accommodate “drop-in” visitors due to the confidential information that is often discussed and due to the nature of our work, we are not in need of additional volunteers. If you would like serve on the “committee” at some point, however, any one of us is happy to speak with you. Trust members are elected by the congregation.


Our Long-Range Plan

The Trustees have developed this Long-Range Plan espousing the purpose of the Endowment Trust, our goals, and the initiatives we wish to undertake over the next several years. The Congregation voted to approve it at the 2012 Annual Meeting.

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To Make a Gift

Tax deductible contributions to FUUN’s endowment in honor or memory of an individual may be made in any amount. Please send your check (payable to FUUN) to FUUN, 1808 Woodmont Blvd., Nashville, Tennessee 37215. Be sure to indicate who you are remembering or honoring on your check. The family (or honoree) will be notified of your gift, unless you request anonymity. Please provide name and mailing information for this purpose. Donors are recognized in the church newsletter and website: however, the amount of your gift will remain private.

Gifts can be made online here, as well.

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Legacy Circle

Remembering the Church in your estate plans is one way to create a legacy in the Church. There are many ways to do this, from putting the Church in one’s will, adding the Church as a beneficiary of an insurance policy, retirement fund, savings or checking account, or requesting donations be made to the Church in memoriam.

If you have made arrangements to leave a gift or have gifts made in your name, please inform a member of the Trust. Each person who makes such plans are invited to be a member of the Legacy Circle.

Members who are deceased and left gifts prior to 2013 are Charter Members of the Legacy Circle. Founding members were members who made plans to bequeath or request gifts to the church in memoriam prior to 2015.

The Reverend Gail Seavey has developed a form which can be used to express one’s wishes at the time of death. You can indicate your desire for gifts to be made to FUUN on this form. Please return this form to Reverend Seavey.

If you wish to discuss ways that you can leave a bequest please contact one of the trustees. We will be happy to provide you with resources to discuss your plans further.


Sue Alley, 1948-2008

Hilda Ratner, 1926-2016

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To apply for a grant

The FUUN Endowment Trust makes an annual distribution of funds each spring. These funds customarily underwrite special one-time projects, promote social justice, or provide seed money for new initiatives. Applications for grants may be made by any member, friend, committee, or other interest group within the congregation, however a Church member must serve as treasurer of any grant. To apply for a grant, please consult the GRANT Application for submitting your request.

The Trust has funded over $112,000 in grants since 2005. To read more about grants awarded annually, see the link below to Funded Grants.

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Additional information

Annual Reports to the Congregation

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Donors to the Trust

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