Leadership Positions for July 2018

We don’t know everyone in the church, so we need your help matching gifts with interests and needs. If you are interested in a position, or if you would like to recommend someone, please talk with one of us.

Available opportunities include:


• President-elect (Board): Oversees Council chairs, point of contact for elected committees, assumes the duties of president the following year
• Operations Chair (Board): Oversees facilities and grounds management and campus preparedness
• Treasurer (Board): Receives and disburses church funds, records the finances, member of the Finance Committee
• At-Large (Board): Participates in Board Meetings and other Board activities

• Fundraising: Provides support and resources to the fundraising event committees

Elected Committees:
• Nominating: Identifies, recruits and nominates people to serve in leadership roles
• Endowment Trust: Oversees the investment of funds received from gifts and bequests
• Safe Congregation Panel: Enforces the Honoring the Children Policy; makes decisions when a formal grievance is filed

Thank you,
Lynne Cushing, Brenna Hansen, David Lewis, Pat Lynch, Sally Ross, Sharon Ruiz, Chas Sisk

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