Leadership Development Committee

Leadership Development Committee
As a member of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville (FUUN), you are encouraged to participate in the shared ministry that is part of our tradition.
That means that participation in the work of the church is an important way of supporting the principles and purposes of Unitarian Universalism.

The Leadership Development Committee has been established to educate and support those who have chosen to, or would like to, serve by taking on leadership roles in the church.
There is much to learn about church leadership, and it is our responsibility to provide the information needed to facilitate your participation. The scope of this is defined in the Board of Directors’ charge to this committee.

The Leadership Development Committee’s purpose is to support, train, and guide members to participate in leadership in the church to the mutual benefit of the individual and the congregation.
The Leadership Development Committee is charged to support the creation of a culture of leadership development at FUUN.

The Leadership Development Committee is responsible for:

• Advocating when needed for organizational, budgetary, and cultural changes that improve our leadership structure.

• Consulting with committees, work groups, and elected bodies within the church to identify potential areas for improvement of functioning.

• Teaching specific skill sets needed within our leadership.

• Integrating leadership development efforts with FUUN’s mission, vision, and strategic plan.

• Encouraging participation in leadership by the broadest segment of our congregation.

• Working with the Nominating Committee, the Committee for the Larger Faith, and other FUUN staff and volunteers involved in developing or communicating leadership opportunities for the purpose of sharing and coordinating our goals and activities.

Committee Members for 2016-17

The committee meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. , in Classroom A or sometimes via conference call.  We visitors.  If you are interested in attending as a visitor, please contact our committee chair, Gail Sphar, via FUUNLead@theFUUN.org.

Members of the Leadership Development Committee are experienced church leaders both at FUUN and in the wider UU community. We are enthusiastic in our goal of developing leaders both new and experienced to succeed in the roles they choose to fill as their contribution to the success of our congregation.

Members of the Leadership Development Committee are:

Gail Sphar, Chair

Pat Lynch

George Thompson

Sharon Ruiz

Ginger Brown

Contact us at: FUUNLead@theFUUN.org

Leadership Development Resources

The Leadership Development Committee provides a wide variety of learning opportunities in the area of leadership development for FUUN including:

• leadership orientation classes that are especially designed for those new to leadership roles in the church.  See our FUUN Leadership powerpoint presentation on our leadership page.

• leadership consultations designed to address specific needs of committees, task forces, etc. to function successfully and operate more efficiently;

• working with the Nominating Committee to identify and promote leaders.

• informing the congregation of leadership tools and opportunities available locally and from the UUA and Southern Region (see links below);

If you are a current leader at FUUN, click here for Leadership information and resources page.

We publish announcements in FUUN communications to the membership so look for information there. [newsletter, weekly email, FUUN blog]

Sign up to be on our email list to receive notifications of leadership opportunities.  Information on that coming shortly.

Also see this web page for links to events and opportunities to advance your leadership skills and development.