Ministerial Council

Mission and Purpose

Committees on the Ministerial Council include:

Caring Committee

Chalice Fire (Committee on UU Pagans – CUUPS)

Choir/Music Ministry

Committee on Ministry

Prison Ministry

Sanctuary of Light Prison Ministry

Worship Committee

Young Adult Ministry


Ministerial Council Mission Statements

Ministerial Council:

From the bylaws: “The Ministerial Council, in coordination with the ministers, shall have general responsibility for the development and coordination of the programs related to the ministry of the Church…[It] shall be responsible for the committees and activities that address worship, pastoral care, music and small group ministry.” The Ministerial Council promotes a culture of communication and mutual accountability.

Caring Committee:  The caring committee organizes all of us to care for one another and assists church members and friends in times of need, particularly when there is a serious illness, a disability, a birth or a death in the family.

Chalice Fire: To provide a safe atmosphere for personal enrichment that includes public religious rites, education and healing services for individuals exploring Pagan paths.

Choir Council Ministry:  How does this committee (the choir) fulfill the mission of FUUN?

1. We create community by:

-being in the choir. The choir is a small group ministry.

-helping to welcome the congregation and setting the tone/mood for the worship service.

-supporting the worship theme with our music.

-supporting the larger congregation when singing hymns.

2. We nurture spiritual growth by:

-“singing what we believe.”

-presenting worship themes in a musical format that may speak to people in a way that words cannot.

3. We act on our values in the broader world by

-participating in events outside of our sanctuary.

-singing as part of a threshold choir when one of our members or friends passes away.

-singing or participating with Habitat for Humanity.

-singing with Nashville in Harmony, Corinthian Baptist Church, and other choirs.

-nurturing and inspiring congregants who are actively engaged in acts of social justice with our music.

Lead Minister’s Advisory Committee: The primary purpose of the Lead Minister Advisory Committee is to meet with Rev. Gail Seavey to promote effective ministry in the Congregation, to assist the Congregation in understanding and evaluating the nature and scope of the work of the lead minister, to provide feedback to lead ministers, and to address concerns any congregant has about a minister or the ministry of the church. The Lead Minister Advisory Committee is available to Rev. Seavey for job-related counsel and support and shall respect the need for confidentiality concerning such discussions as are held for these purposes.

Community Minister’s Advisory Committee: The Community Minister’s Advisory Committee meets to support, supervise and evaluate the Associated Community Minister to the UUA Fellowship Committee.

Intern Minister’s Advisory Committee: The Intern Minister’s Advisory Committee meets to support, supervise and evaluate the intern minister, to the UUA Fellowship Committee.

Lay Ministry: Lay ministers provide leadership directly and indirectly in the practice of being a compassionate community. By their very presence, lay ministers affirm the role of all members and friends in ministry and demonstrate the importance of deliberate attention to the needs of our members. They model the kind of compassion we hope all will share with each other.

Prison Ministry: With residents of Riverbend Prison, the Prison UU Worship Ministry plans and holds a Unitarian Universalist service at the prison on the 4th Friday of each month.

Sanctuary of Light (SOL) Prison Ministry: 

Worship Committee: The mission of the Worship Committee is to support the spiritual growth of the congregation of FUUN by working with the ministers to plan and develop Sunday worship services throughout the year that:

  • Reflect our value on ministry that is shared by the congregation and the ministers, through the involvement of lay leaders, lay ministers, worship associates, and other members and friends;
  • Make use of the resources in the congregation, the Nashville community, other congregations and the UUA; and Minister to the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs of the congregation.

Young Adult Ministry: The young adult ministry at FUUN is designed to offer young adults a chance to meet in fellowship and community as well as integrate new members into the larger church body.


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