New Signage Options for Woodmont Blvd

From Operations Council

The Welcoming Environment Task Force (WETF) Final Report was released in December of 2013 and was well received by the Board, and since then many of the suggestions and ideas have been implemented by the Committee Councils. This work remains ongoing. One of the areas mentioned in the Task Force Report was a need to improve the signage inside and out of our buildings. The Board established a Signage Task Force to work on improving our signage. So far, an exterior directional sign pointing out the buildings on the campus has been placed on the main parking lot crosswalk, a mission statement based sign has been placed on an interior wall as you enter the social hall, interior directional signs have been placed in the social hall and the Sanctuary, and exits have been clearly designated (thanks Campus Preparedness).
The Signage Task Force has also been working on replacing our sign at the corner of Woodmont and Hopkins.  The WETF report was clear on the need to update this sign with the following noted issues

  •  Sign is too far from the road
  • Difficult to read the words, too small
  • Hidden from view if coming from the west on Woodmont
  • Overall the sign is too small
  • Need to incorporate branding
  • Blue Woodmont Bible Church is the only easily visible landmark

Working with guidance from the Board and some other members of the church, the Signage Task Force with assistance from Joslin Sign Company has come up with a design that should enhance our visibility on Woodmont Blvd. The design has the sign standing 7 feet tall with two columns supporting a 4 foot by 8 foot backlit copy space. Backlit means that the sign is illuminated by interior lights as opposed to exterior flood lights. The upper portion of the copy space has the church name and logo and the lower section of the copy space will be a “reader” board. A reader board is a panel with tracks upon which 4 inch letters can be placed to create a message. We have variations of the basic design that change what the columns are made of (stone, brick or metal) and different colors for trim features like the borders of the copy space.

We are asking members to look at the various renderings and give us input as to which one you like best. The renderings will be displayed in the social hall beginning on Sunday, July 2. We have an actual 4’x8’ replica of the copy space that we are going to post in July at a possible location near the current sign at the corner of Woodmont and Hopkins. We have been told that we could alternatively put our new sign more to the middle of the block between Hopkins and Stokesmont. We would like member’s opinion about which spot they like best. When the new sign is built on Woodmont, the old sign will have to be removed. We will save some of the rock and some other parts of the sign that are of historical significance to the church.

                              –Chris Wood, and David Lewis, Signage Task Force

The following renderings are displayed on the social hall bulletin board. Vote and comment on your favorites (or leave your comment on this page below):

13 thoughts on “New Signage Options for Woodmont Blvd

  1. I like B the best. The stone columns tie to the architecture of the sanctuary and the lighter caps on them are less business-like.

  2. I like E. I think the color matches without being too matchy-matchy, and will allow the church to stand out from other rock-based Green Hills signs. Uniformity is comforting but funkiness is FUUN.

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