NOAH Public Meeting with the Mayor, Sunday, Oct. 29

What Would You Like To Ask Mayor Barry and Other Decision-Makers?

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Given the chance to talk with the Mayor about issues of Criminal Justice, Affordable Housing, and Economic Equity & Jobs — what would YOU ask her? Who else from Metro do YOU think should be at the table? NOAH is planning a Public Meeting Sunday, Oct. 29,  3 – 4:30 p.m.

Place is still being confirmed.

Please SAVE THIS DATE and help us get the word out about the change!

with Nashville decision-makers on these topics. We’ll be gathered for a dialogue about Nashville’s most pressing issues, progress made, and how we can work together for measurable successes in the coming months. (More info on NOAH’s issues can be seen here.)

What questions would YOU ask of them? Would you ask about …

  • accountability of the police to the community?
  • the “school-to-prison pipeline”?
  • the city making affordable housing as big a priority as downtown development?
  • better-paying jobs in poverty neighborhoods?
  • job training for our areas most impacted by poverty?

Send your questions to NOAH at or P.O. Box 331144, Nashville, TN 37203. We want to include YOUR voice as we develop the meeting agenda and the set of questions for the Public Meeting forum.

Are you part of a congregation or union or other group? Ask your members to send in questions as well!


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