“Opportunity Now” Program – Employment for youth 14-24

This summer, 10,000 youth have an opportunity to work in internships and other jobs, gaining work experience that will guide them toward future vocations. However, the DEADLINE for these positions is almost here and only about 3,000 have signed up.The NOAH Economic Equity Task Force believesPeople Lining Up For JOBSthat YOU know youth who could benefit from this program. We are asking all NOAH congregations, unions, and groups to get the word out to youth in your group or in your community. All youth aged 14 to 24 are eligible for employment, at a variety of skill levels. 

Here is a flyer about how to sign up online.  Here is more info about how to search for the most suitable job.

Last year, Mayor Barry convened several Youth Violence Summits. One key point gleaned from these summits was that expanding hope and opportunity for youth reduces youth violence. The Mayor and Metro government made a commitment to find jobs for 10,000 youth this summer — some in government positions, but most in private business.

Help connect youth in YOUR community to hope and opportunity — NOW!

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