Revised process for submitting pulpit announcements

  • Pulpit announcements should now be submitted using the Getting the Word Out online form by Thursday at noon.
  • Due to the process, pulpit announcement requests must be submitted separately from other announcements, no more than two weeks before the service to which you would like them to be read but by noon on the Thursday before the service.
  • Pulpit announcements are limited to day of (“sign-up today” or “attend an event today,” for ex) and special circumstances (special last minute appeal).
  • Pulpit announcement requests are not guaranteed to be read as announcements must be approved for inclusion in a worship service before being read. They are submitted here for review only. This is because we have a weekly bulletin, newsletter, TV monitor slides and a weekly email which are methods for distributing announcements.
Many thanks for your cooperation.
For more information about Getting the Word out at FUUN, please see our Communication Page.

Please click here for a pdf version of the updated publications chart represented below:

Announcements – Getting the Word Out             2017 revision 2
Publication Published Deadline for Submission How to Submit
Digital Signage in social hall Sundays/ Wednesdays Noon Wednesdays Complete the

Getting the Word Out form 

Facebook/Twitter Daily Ongoing
Website Announcement Blog Daily Ongoing
Weekly Bulletin Online on Fridays; printed for Sunday Services Noon Wednesdays
Weekly Email Tuesdays Noon Tuesdays
Pulpit on Sunday Thursdays, noon


No more than two weeks before it is to be read.
Bulletin Board Monthly Schedule as far in advance as possible for availability Email
Newsletter Monthly The 20th of each month Submit on or by the 20th of each month for the following month at
Printed Flyers and Signs Occasionally Limited use, please Please submit draft to
Social hall tables Weekly One week before Contact to reserve a table

in the social hall for after services

Website Pages Daily Ongoing Submit updates to

If you would like to update your own committee pages, please contact

External Audience Communications
Press Releases For special events At least two weeks before the event For a major event, write a draft press release and please submit your information online Press Release Form
Radio For special events At least two weeks before the event:  budget required



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