The Story of Ruby Bridges as performed at GA

Watch this live performance of the story of Ruby Bridges, the trailblazing African-American girl who, at age 6, integrated the New Orleans Public Schools in 1960. Pianist Darrell Grant’s cantata features the choirs of All Souls, DC, and First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville, conducted by Rev. Jason Shelton, along with a 6-piece all-star jazz ensemble and renowned vocalist Marilyn Keller.


Ruby Bridges, Surrounded by Love

When Ruby Bridges was six years old and in the first grade, just like many other children, she went to a new school. Ruby’s school was called William Frantz Elementary School. It was in the City of New Orleans in the state of Louisiana.

And, just like other children, Ruby was nervous about the first day of school. She knew everything was going to be different: a new building, new teachers, new rules, new things to learn, new children to play with, and (she hoped) new friends.

But, unlike other children, . . .


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