Safe Congregation Panel


The Safe Congregation Panel (SCP) is a group of 5 church members and an ex-officio staff member, the Director of Lifespan Religious Education. The church members are elected directly by the congregation for 2 year staggered terms. The purpose of this panel is to help foster a safe congregation by promoting and administering the church’s policies regarding how we behave toward each other.   These policies include:

Honoring the Children Policy Policy

Against Sexual Harassment Policy

Against Discrimination

Disruptive Behavior Policy

Alcohol Policy

There is a Complaint Procedure outlined on the Policies and Procedures page at the church web site which explains how to report a concern or grievance regarding one of these policies. The panel investigates grievances and prescribes appropriate responses.

The panel meets on an “as needed” basis, but at least every 6 months. Deliberations are confidential. The members of the panel welcome questions or feedback from church members about their activities.



Please click here for the Safe Congregations Panel Complaint Form (printable version) or click here to fill it out online.
Please click here for the Board Appeal of Safe Congregations Panel Decision Form (printable copy) or click here to fill it out online.


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