Social Justice Committee

The challenge of social justice is to evoke a sense of community that we need to make our nation a better place, just as we make it a safer place. It’s a time for greatness–not for greed. It’s a time for idealism — not ideology. It is a time not just for compassionate words, but compassionate action.

-Marian Wright Edelman, President, Children’s Defense Fund

Committee Members: Scott Weaver and Susan Davis, Co-Chairs, Jack Bliek, Carleen Dowell, Greg Easterly, Victoria Harris, Charity Kimbrell, Christy Duke, Julie Noland.

We meet monthly on the 3rd Sunday of the month, 10:45 a.m – noon, Morgan House living room. Visitors are welcome. We are currently looking for a committee co-chair.

The Social Justice Committee is an oversight group that reviews and can approve proposals for Action Teams. We work closely with the Teams once they are created to help identify resources and assisting with direction as needed. Our job is primarily one of process, while the Action Teams are doing the hands-on work in the community.

Action Teams can be formed for short-term actions, such as lobbying for or against proposed legislation or helping those suffering from a sudden disaster, or for long-term ones such as feeding and housing the homeless or working on safe congregation policies. Or they may be formed for various activities, involving service, political action, and social gatherings. For a look at our current action teams, see our Social Justice Action Teams – Get Involved page

Creating a New Action Team

The formation of Action Teams involves a good bit of planning in order to avoid the frustration and burn-out that can occur when compassionate people take on too much without making sure we have the resources to help effectively. We welcome your ideas and would be happy to help you explore the feasibility of your ideas for a new team. You can fill out this form Proposing a New Action Team or contact us at for more information.

If you want to propose a fast or term initiative that doesn’t require creating an Action Team or requesting funding from Share the Plate, you might want to consider filling out this form instead: Proposing a Short Term Initiative. Examples such an effort would be lobbying for a particular piece of legislation or responding to a local disaster.

Share the Plate

Each month FUUN shares half of the loose cash from our offering with a local organization that promotes and shares our values.  If you have a suggestion for a Share the Plate recipient, please complete the Share the Plate Nomination form.

Yahoo Group

We also have a list serve that you may join to learn more about justice events and concerns in our congregation and the larger community. Please write an email telling us who you are and a little something about your interest and send it to

For detailed information about our committee, see our Organization and Procedures and our Official Board-Approved Charge.