Stand Up Nashville public meeting, Aug. 31

Click here for the flyer for the Stand Up Nashville public meeting about creating better jobs for Nashville’s citizens. As of late we have been discussing how all three task force can find common grounds to relay our messages, agendas, and wins. I believe that common narrative is sustainability… Affordable Housing can’t fight the good fight if EE&J can’t fight for good jobs to allow people to afford their their homes, and never in the history of ever have I heard of people leaving their “full time, good paying jobs with benefits” to become criminals. We have a healthy economy here in Nashville, just not an equitable economy for the masses, and we have to change that. If we are serious about preserving Black and Brown communities in Nashville, we have to provide pathways out of poverty and opportunities for people to find jobs that will allow them to eat, pay bills, and rent at the same time! Currently, most jobs in Nashville won’t allow you to do that, and that’s a fact! We are always saying Black Lives Matter, how about Black Careers Matter!

The event on August 31 is the beginning of NOAH demanding better policy to create better jobs in Nashville, we appreciate your support!
Odessa Kelly
Co-Chair EE&J

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