Strategic Plan

Click here for a copy of our strategic plan, Dec. 2016: The Path Forward, 2017-2015


Strategic Planning,  April 18, 2015

The board appointed a task force and provided a charge to work on a strategic plan.

Board Charge to Strategic Planning Task Force

January, 2015

The Board charges the Strategic Planning Task Force to work with the congregation and staff to complete the following:

  • Review the church’s mission and vision statements with the church community and assess whether they are current.
  • If not, conduct a visioning process to update the mission and vision statements and report to the Board on any necessary changes to the task force’s schedule.
  • Develop key strategies for the church consistent with the mission and vision.
  • Develop an updated strategic plan that includes action items designed to achieve those strategies.
  • Report to the Board on a monthly basis, through the Board-appointed liaison.
  • Present the updated strategic plan to the Board by May 2016, and to the congregation at the June 2016 meeting

Strategic Planning Team Members:

  • Ibba Surface and John Mott, co-chair
  • Becky Fowler
  • Jennifer Hall
  • Tanya Surawicz
  • Jacob Hathaway
  • Nikki Moore
  • Gail Seavey

Contact the Strategic Planning Team: